Jun 28, 2016

First of All

This is the 3rd in the series, Our Root System, in a review of 1 & 2 Timothy with an emphasis on the foundational roots of Sound Doctrine, Spiritual Development and our Community of Faith.  God is drawing us closer to Himself while raising the urgency to chase after HIS strategic master plan.  In order to succeed, we are going to need a strong foundational root system.


I believe God, the Creator, personally designs each community of faith, hand-picking each and every individual Himself.  And, certainly I believe that God defines the Church, NOT as a place or WHERE we meet but instead WHO we are.  Our buildings are a "sheep shed".  The Church is the people.  Our identity is in Christ, not in a sheep shed.  Jesus conceived of, designed, and built the church.  And what He built was not a building or a place.

When I study God's Word and allow the scripture to unfold in my heart through the indwelling and leading of God's Spirit, I find a very clear calling by God that His people were meant to be a FAMILY.  As followers of Jesus and His Way, as those who gather in churches all across the land to celebrate who Jesus is, we are all part of God's family.  We are a community of faith.  We are not a place.

And as that community of faith which is God's family, God's community of faith, we are supposed to have an amazing unconditional loved and grace for one another.  We are brothers and sisters.  We are to draw strength from that family connection and bond.  There is strength in COMMUNITY on account of we don't have a place, we have each other.

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