Mar 22, 2019


Over the years, I have read too many stories about people who claim to be Christians but who are also not accepting of people who are not like them.  I submit that those people probably ought to spend more time reading their bible and less time judging others.

I read a story about a church which had a new family come for a visit. 

Their single first and last visit was for a regular Sunday morning worship service at the church.  This family had a father, a mother, one daughter, and one son.  And that one son was sporting a bright blue mohawk hairstyle.

Well, wouldn't you know it, one fella from the congregation took it upon himself to make fun of said bright blue mohawk hairstyle.  He also went on ahead and let the father of this boy know it was a disrespectful way to come into God's house.  Of course he did, because that is what Jesus did and would to...right?  Wrong.  You will find zero indication of such in the Bible.  Needless to say, that moment sealed the deal for this family.  They would not be returning to this church.  Chances are they may not visit any church in the near to distant future.

Just to keep things on the real, am I personally a fan of the mohawk hairstyle?  Maybe and maybe not.  But, who cares?  Would I go with that hairstyle for myself?  Nope.  

But, you better believe if and when somebody shows up at my church for a visit who has a weird haircut, I will make every effort to make them feel welcome.  It will be my great blessing and pleasure to do so.

Can I just tell ya something?  Jesus died for everyone...regardless of hairstyle!  If we do not - really, for real - buy into the Biblical principle that Jesus died for all, we are more likely to reject people who are not just like us.

I recognize that probably a few people may not have a full appreciation for my beard.  That's ok with me.  I really do not care.  It's all good here in beard town.  Besides, I know they will eventually come around.  Also, Jesus came to die for me AND the boy with a bright blue mohawk.  We need to keep in mind that Jesus is much more concerned with our souls than He is with our hairstyle.

Side note:  Why do all the pictures of Jesus show a trimmed beard?  I am convinced - and you should be too - Jesus not only had a beard, Jesus had a sweet beard!  I don't see Jesus stopping by the Jerusalem Cut N Curls to get His beard trimmed up.  His beard was surely a wooly man-beard and a thing of beauty!  

Prayer - 
Father, please forgive me for giving into the human and worldly inclination to judge others who are not like me.  Help me to have a heart which overflows with the kind of mercy, grace, and love which You offered freely to me.  Amen.

There is one lawgiver and judge who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? -- James 4:12 (CSB)

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