Mar 21, 2019


Many years ago, in another lifetime and season of my life, I worked for an accounts receivables management firm.  I started at the bottom of the totem pole and over a period of over ten years, I worked my way into an upper management position.  The job was a great source of pride in my life.  During that same time, in my personal life, I had recommitted myself to God and the things of God.  

God took me from being the guy in the office who might organize a "guys night out" of bar hopping to being the guy who would pray with you and invite you to a 6 AM Bible Study at Cracker Barrel on Friday mornings.

I began to spend more and more time in prayer.  I prayed many times that I was willing to do whatever God wanted me to do.  I prayed that I was willing to go wherever and whenever God wanted me to go.

The problem was that for a long time, I didn't really mean it and God was, of course, fully aware of that fact.  I was not actually fully available to be used by God.  I was only saying the words that I was available.  I really enjoyed my job title, my company car, my office, my paycheck, etc.  The job was a great source of pride in my life.

It was only after God helped me come to a place in my heart spiritually where I was not only saying the words but also meaning the words.  As I continued to study His Word, God revealed more and more about Himself.  He was also revealing more and more of what I needed to know about myself.  He was moving me, as I prayed.  I was not moving Him.

It was only after I actually - for real - made myself available to be used by God that He was able to begin to use me in ways I had never even imagined possible.  

This happened because God had His hand on my heart with a plan and purpose for me and my life all along.  In my surrender, I was SET APART by God.  It was not my plan.  I had other plans.  I had to be willing to surrender my own plans.  I had to be willing to take risks and to step outside my own personal comfort zone.

I have no regrets about that season of my life nor would I trade it.  The job was a blessing financially to our family.  Those experiences and opportunities for professional and personal growth led me to be who I am today.  However, being in a position of a greater surrender to God and the things of God while serving God in ministry, has absolutely brought a level of satisfaction and reward beyond what I thought possible.

Can I just tell ya something?  I believe God is always calling us to something greater, to take a bigger risk, to stretch our faith, to something bigger than ourselves, to something which will require a deeper faith in Him.  What is God asking you to do which would stretch you beyond your own personal comfort zone?  Are you fulfilling your ministry?

Prayer - 
Father, I am humbled to consider all of the many ways You have worked in and through me as a man, father, husband, etc.  I do not deserve that You would even acknowledge my presence.  Your patience with me is hard to comprehend.  My heart overflows with gratitude.  Amen.

But as for you, exercise self-control in everything, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. -- 2 Timothy 4:5 (CSB)

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